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 25,27 / L

Type: Dry Red Wine
Denomination of Origin: Mardin / South Eastern Anatolia
Grape Varieties: Boğazkere
Alcohol content: 13% vol.
Ideal Service: 17-19°C
Bottle content:  75 cl
Japan Wine Challenge 2021
Gold Medal 2019 Series

 25,27 / L

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Contains: 0,75 L

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 25,27 / L

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Shiluh Manastır Red Wine – Boğazkere 2017

Shiluh Manastır Red Wine is a made from indigenous Boğazkere grapes grown in monastery vineyards and Syriac villages. Shiluh Manastır carries floral and flamboyant black fruit aromas and sweet vanilla tones. It is quite dark Bordeaux colour. It is full and strong on the palate, but with integrated tannins and fresh acidity. The acid balances the sweet black fruits on the middle palate, keeping the wine alive and well. A long, fruit-laden, lively, enjoyable finish. It can be aged up to 8-10 years under suitable conditions.

Syriac Wine has been produced as the sacred drink of Christian culture in Turabdin for many years during the region’s 6500-year history. Assyrian Wine is produced using contemporary techniques in the Shiluh production plant in Midyat-Mardin, while following to the Assyrian Wine Production Method.

Ideal Food Match

Shiluh Manastır Boğazkere Red Wine is recommended to be served at 17-19°C and matches perfectly with grilled meats, dishes prepared with curry seasoning, pasta with cheese and mushrooms, and red meat dishes with rich sauces prepared in the oven.

Syriac Wines Are Completely New To The World

Shiluh wines wanted to preserve the last remnant of the Church of the Virgin Mary, which was built in the 4th century AD in the Assyrian village of Bethkustan in Midyat, but is now in ruins, in the label image.


Shiluh Manastır Red Wine

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May Contain: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites


Shiluh Wines - Shiluh Assyrian Wine - Online Wine Shop

Shiluh Wines

Shiluh Wines, which makes the first and only modern production of Assyrian Wine under hygienic conditions, was established in 2008 in Midyat/Turkey with the partnership of the Gabriel and Aktaş Assyrian families and the Aslan family on 10 deciares of land with an investment of more than 2 trillion liras. An Assyrian wine production house, which created a castle atmosphere by using Midyat stone processing art, was built. Shiluh Assyrian Winery which is produced using centuries-old winemaking techniques and modern techniques, entered the market with a 2010 crop of 5 red wines consisting of MANASTIR, TURABDIN, NINVE, DARA and KLASIK, and 1 kind of white wine called KUSTAN; It aims to bring exotic, rich, powerful and most importantly quality Syriac wine to the place it deserves.
Shiluh Wines - Shiluh Assyrian Wine - Online Wine Shop


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