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taste of chateau wine with respect for and in harmony with nature and the environment

Saranta Winery & Vineyard

Saranta Winery started wine production in 2002 with a 100-acre estate bought in the Karakoç region of Kırklareli, a Thracian city located on the European side of Turkey. The first planting was realized in 2003. While waiting 8 years to collect its best harvest, Saranta worked on the product’s perfection and its taste. The first bottling and the commercial sales in 2011 created high interest in both domestic and foreign markets. Today; Saranta wines has 2 main brands. Chateau Murou and Saranta. Due to their agricultural engineers, onologues, and food engineers, they continue to use high technology for production with the same motivation and joy.

Saranta Winery & Vineyard
Chateau Murou Winery-Turkish Wine

Saranta Vineyard

Kırklareli, previously named Lozengrad (the city of vines), an important region for viticulture on the historical wine route, is known for its endless vineyards. Saranta & Chateau Murou wines are the result of a dream realized on the mineral-rich volcanic soil in the Karakoç village of Kırklareli. With a desire to reunite Kırklareli with its past and reintroduce its indescribable beauty, Saranta Wines first experienced the excitement of realizing their first harvest in 2003. They bottled their first wines in 2011 following a series of meticulous improvements to achieve a valuable yield to impress the palate.

Saranta Vineyard

Saranta vineyard is situated on the southern slope of Strandzha Mountains, 210m above sea level where the days are hot and the nights are cool during summer months. The predominant north-east wind throughout the year allows the grapes to stay cool during the day. This natural balance is the key to Saranta wines with high aromatic profile, balanced level of sugar and good acidity. As Strandzha Mountain is within a volcanic arc, the soil structure of this region is mostly alluvial, silt, sand, montmorillonite clay and high mineral. It is especially rich in iron and potassium. While all these characteristics make Chateau Murou a unique terroir wine, they allow producing full bodied wines with high aging potential.

Chateau Wine Production

 Implementing good farming practices, Saranta wines aims to reflect the taste of chateau wine with respect for and in harmony with nature and the environment in their vineyard. Saranta Winery is a pioneer of many innovations that have added value to the region in a short time, including producing the first varietal wines from Ökügözü and Semillion grapes in the Thracian terroir and the first rosé wine from Cinsault grapes in Turkey. 

Saranta Wines Contact:

  • Saranta Şarapçılık. Karakoç Köyü, No:161 Kırklareli/ Turkey