Antioche Vineyards
Barburi grapes unique to the City of Antakya(Antioch) of Hatay in Turkey

Antioche Winery & Vineyards

Antioche Vineyards and production facility is located in Topboğazı area of Hatay / Antakya in the Mediterranean Region. Their first sapling planting took place in 2007 and vineyards are around 100 meters above sea level with clayey-sandy soil structure.

The Climate is Mediterranean climate zone, with hot summers and warm and rainy winters. At certain intervals of the year, exactly at the desired time, the prevailing winds keep the vineyard cool and prevent the development of vineyard diseases. 

Antioche Winery and Vinyards

Today total Antioche Winery & Vineyards​ area is around 200 decares and some new vineyards are planted every year. They plant grape varieties such as Sangiovese, Swah, Merlot, Cabemet Sauvigncn, Sauvignon Blanc and Barburi. 

Vintage time is like August. Wine expert decides the harvest time by performing necessary tests and tasting grapes. Harvesting starts early in the cool hours of the morning before the midday heat. Production facility is inside vineyards, so the Chateau Type Wine Production is carried out. Maceration and Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. Also, production is aged in French oak barrels.

Turkey’s Antakya is one of the earliest Christian ancient landscapes which has its own traditional way of wine making. Antioche Winery not only continues that tradition but is very seriously revitalizing the wine culture that was once so ubiquitous in the region. Their point of pride is the barburi grape from which locals and the founder’s grandparents used to make wine, but was currently used for the likes of juice and molasses. 

Antioche Vinyards Contact:

  • Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Cad. Çınar Apt. A Blok D:13 31200 ANTAKYA / HATAY




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