Gara Guzu Brewery
Craft beer is freedom. It supports dreams, adds beauty to your life, as in Gara Guzu...

Gara Guzu Brewery

The story of Gara Guzu (Black Ship) is the story of 2 people who have escaped from the big city chaos, chasing their dreams. Akgonca and Ataç, not only share the vision of a better and freer Turkish brewery they have shared life since they have been married since 2009 and have two children. They live in Muğla Yeşilyurt village in Aegean Region of Turkey in a 44 m2 house and a large land, with many cats, dogs and chickens. The children commute to school in the village on their own with their bikes and dogs, there is no TV or tablet at home, Furniture is made of pallets… They find all kinds of peace in the sea, sailing as a family whenever possible, dreams of a prosperous life are formed.

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Gara Guzu Beverly​ - Turkish Beer

Gara Guzu Brewery The Black Ship

Gara Guzu (meaning black sheep) is Turkey’s first microbrewery, whose foundations were laid in Muğla/Bayır in 2011, was able to operate in July 2014 after a 3.5-year permit process and became the brand that started the National Craft Beer Revolution. Because, craft beer has been brought out of the brewpubs and delivered to the final consumer in 33cl 50cl bottles and kegs, opening the door to the craft beer culture in Turkey.

Gara Guzu is an independent nuclear family business. With the aim of creating experimental and original tastes with free approaches based on discovery, open to surprises, production has started. As a boutique producer, it offered the first ale, saison, session ipa, nitro-stout, beetroot beer varieties to the Turkish market. Our manifesto includes non-use of preservatives, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, color and flavor data.

Turkish Craft Beer

For the qualified product, a limited amount of production is made in the small-scale facility with local employees. Natural and local materials are used in production. The flavors and flavors are derived from the different malts and abundant hops used. 2018, Chef’s Beer Project, “Yellow Memed’s Ipa” with chef Mehmet Gürs, 5% 2020. Cask Mate Project in collaboration with Irish brand Jameson, for the first time in Turkey, nitro-stout, aged in oak whiskey barrels, “Meşeli”, 9%, special beers produced in small quantities and in limited numbers have been included in our lives and have made an impact.

As a craft beer producer from Turkey, Gara Guzus, which are invited to international beer conferences and participate in craft beer festivals, are exported to Japan, England, Canada, Australia, Europe and the TRNC every year.

Craft beer is freedom. It supports dreams, crosses your path with extraordinary people, adds beauty to your life, as in Gara Guzu…

Gara Guzu Beverly​ - Craft Beer

Gara Guzu Brewery Contact:

  • Talay Şarapçılık A.Ş. Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Lale Sokak No:5 17680, Bozcaada – Çanakkale / Turkey


  • (+90) 252 225 55 49



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