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With wine, the chief representative of romance and cultural wealth, you can turn your most special moments into wonderful memories. In fact, the way the wine is produced, the naturalness of the material used in its production and the love you add to it are very important. Perdix Winery produces wines with magnificent flavors and bring them together with you so that your romantic nights or the unique table where you meet with your friends can be perfect. If you are one of the individuals in search of great wine, you are in the right place. Perdix always offers products that suits their own taste.

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Perdix wines is a family business that experiences the wine experience for the first time. They are a passionate family who want to take advantage of the unique air and naturalness of the Aegean, plan a refined life in Urla and want to take part in organic life by growing grapes. Influenced by the beauty of the region , they chose Perdix, which means partridge in Greek, as the name for their wines, and started a successful journey with wine. 

Perdix Wines produce wines from grapes grown completely naturally. The fact that it is produced in a natural and completely organic way ensures that wines are much more delicious, high quality and long-lasting. Perdix uses many grape varieties in the production of these unique wines that it offers to its customers. Such as: Cabernet Franc & Petit Verdot, Boğazkere, Pinot noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Bornova musk. These 5 items are with Perdix entering the market as a boutique wine company in the long term. In the short term, all of Turkey is aiming to become a company that sells wine to the world. The taste that individuals will leave on their palates is the biggest indicator of our quality.

Perdix Vineyards

The quality and characteristics of the wine you make are always determined by viticulture. If you don’t have a good grape, you unfortunately don’t have a chance to have a good wine.

In Perdix vineyard areas, which are approximately 90 acres, the typical Aegean region climate prevails, the constant breeze of the Bosphorus air and the temperature difference between day and night provide the necessary late ripening and aroma accumulation in excess. In this way, grapes are ready for vintage as they are extremely rich in other important phenolic components.

Perdix Winery

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  • Perdix Şarapçılık. Zeytinler, İzmir Çeşme Yolu No:14, 35430 Urla/İzmir / Turkey




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