Boğazkere is a grape variety originated from Diyarbakır Province of Turkey, in the area between Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in Northern Mesopotamia, this is one of Anatolian best quality red wine grape variety. It is a dark red rich grape and the wine is well structured with dried fruit and fig flavors. It also gives its name to a wine produced from the grape by the certificated Boğazkere vineyards in Diyarbakır. The characteristics of this wine are strong body, very enjoyable long finish, dark red color with dark blue hue, and rich and strong aromas of dried red fruits and spices like bears cherry, sour cherry, blackberry, black mulberry, thyme and spice aromas. It is good for aging up to 10 years. It is recommended with red meat kebabs, turkey, salmon and cheese, especially eastern Anatolian cheddar or Gruyere cheese.