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Since we are an online company, you can reach us easily by sending an E-mail to [email protected] or a direct message to  our Instagram account. For your ease of use we have provided a contact form where you can fill it in our Contact Page.

Our company serves only online. We do not have any physical shop where you can come and check goods. This also means that collection of goods is not possible. We work online and only sell from our website. For your safety & security there is not another channel where you can make orders. You can make orders anytime securely online.

Our company is legally registered in Amsterdam/Netherlands. Our warehouse is also located in the Netherlands.

First of all our website is an information center for Turkish Wines, Turkish Raki and other Turkish Sprites. We provide information of these products which we gathered them from producers. There is a SHOP section where you can find available product with price.

All items that you can order in the shop section are always in stock. The items that are sold out are marked as ‘Sold Out’ and cannot be ordered. Items which doesn’t have price label are only for information purpose.

If you find a product in our website which doesn’t have price label, it means that product is not available in our stokes and it is for your information purpose. If you wish to see any product in our store, in related product page you can fill the product request form by clicking “Email me when available” buton and entering your email address.

No. We are a registered company in the Netherlands and our warehouse is also located in the Netherlands. We send our products directly from the Netherlands.

We ship our products to most of EU countries. Please check the complete list of Shipping Regions.

Yes, That’s right, for now we only sell Turkish wines & beverages like Turkish Raki.

Turkey is a big country which you can experience very different climate & soil characteristics from different locations in a same season. That’s the main reason Turkey has a very different tasted wines from different areas.

Turkish Raki is a different taste, It can be named as  the national alcoholic drink of Turkey and for sure it is different from Araq or Greek Uzo. We have provided a page where you can find excessive information about Turkish Raki.

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