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Diren Wines provide wine lovers with a wide range of products such as Mahlep, Les Muses, Karmen Selection, Collection and Karmen brands. Mustafa Vasfi Diren, the founder of Diren Winery started wine production in 1958 after 18 years of preparation. In 1963, Diren Winery won the first wine competition in Turkey and from that moment on, Diren has continued to invest in information and technology in winemaking. Diren Wines has been presenting quality wines of Anatolia, predominantly from the Tokat region and has gained many national and international awards.

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Anatolia has witnessed countless civilizations for thousands of years, blended the differences, thus tied us together. And so the legacy of thousands of years has reached to these days.

Diren Wines founder Vasfi DIREN saw the legacy of this fruitful land in 1958, when he was just a young patriot agriculturist. He discovered the miracle of grapes touched by Tokat’s unique climate. He was so devoted to this idea that he lived to carry this legacy to the future without loosing tiny piece of it.

Today, Diren carry its grapes, harvest them from all over Anatolia for 62 years with the first day’s passion and excitement and the legacy of thousands of years of culture, to your glasses.

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  • Adress: Gıda Sanayi Sitesi No:1 Tokat / TÜRKİYE


  • +90 (356) 214 91 60



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