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There are numerous of wine grape varieties in Turkey, but only a few are well-known outside of the country. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who finds Turkish wines is challenging!

Turkish Wines: Turkey produces more wines than anyone can imagine using indigenous local grape varieties. Turkey is best known for its wines made from indigenous grapes. Boğazkere, Kalecik Karası & Öküzgözü for classic Turkish Red Wines. In terms of Turkish white wines, the most famous are Emir, Sultaniye. Turkey also produces excellent wines from international grape varieties such as Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines grown in the Aegean region & mountains are frequently premium-priced and have elegant flavors, whereas wines grown on flat terrain are easy-to-drink and inexpensive. Turkish wines and make your dinner or party even more enjoyable.

Turkish Wines are an excellent addition to any wine collection. With our wide informational article of Turkish wines, you’re sure to find a bottle perfect for you. We also offer a wide range of Turkish wines in our online wine shop.

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Best Turkish Wines To Drink. Best Turkish Wines To Drink

Turkish Wine History

Turkish wines are amongst the most interesting and diverse in the world. We offer a range of Turkish wines, from dry to sweet and from red to white.. Turkey’s successful peacetime viticulture dates from the Byzantine era, when trade to the neighbors was profitable, especially in wine. Related article to Turkish Wine History

Turkish Wine Grapes

How many Turkish wine grapes are there?

While various sources claim that Turkey has anywhere from 1200 to 1500 named grape verities of which 800 are genetically different. The official number of grapes used to make wine in Turkey is 30. However, Turkey has the most unknown grapes verities yet which are waiting to be counted. The indigenous and international grape varieties below are those that are widely used for wine making. Turkish wine grapes & their brief specification

Turkish Domestic Wine Grape Varieties:

Almost for some years we are continuously upgrading this list, there are so many notable research’s on new Turkish wine grapes in recent years.

  • EMIR
  • GÖK
  • MISKET (Muscat)
Barburi Grapes grown by Tasheli Vineyards
Barburi Grapes grown by Tasheli Vineyards

Which are the most important Turkish grapes?

In recent years, local wine grape varieties such as Narince, Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, Kalecik karası are being used for winemaking beside international verities such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.

What is the best Turkish wine?

There are different methods for determining which Turkish wines are the best. You can look at expert-made league tables based on wine competitions and tastings, or you can look at the best-sellers lists of actual wine shops. We collected a complete list of award winning Turkish Wines in last years in this article: The Best Turkish Wines To Drink in 2022

Expert View

Decanter World Wine Awards

The Decanter World Wine Awards is the world’s most prestigious wine competition. Several judging panels taste and score wines from practically every wine-producing country, including Turkey, and award Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals to the best wines. The “Best In Show” award is given to the most exceptional wine in each category. Each year, thousands of wines are judged: At DWWA 2021, more than 160 expert judges, including 44 Masters of Wine and 11 Master Sommeliers, tasted 18,094 wines from 56 countries, setting a new record for the number of wines tasted. The judging took place in Canary Wharf, London, over two weeks, with strict Covid-19 safety protocols in place. 

Only 50 wines were awarded the prestigious Best in Show medal, representing 0.28 percent of those tasted. There were also 179 Platinum and 635 Gold medals awarded, representing 0.99 percent and 3.51 percent of the total wines tasted, respectively.  To see if a wine you’re interested in has won any medals, go to Decanter’s website and utilize the search form. The results are rather scientific, but each wine is accompanied by a brief tasting note. Discover our selection of Decanter Award-winning Turkish wines. List of award winning Turkish Wines at Decanter World Wine Awards DWWA 2021

Awc Vienna International Wine Challenge

AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge 2021 is the international leader of the officially recognized quality awards for wine and officially recognized by the European Union. AWC Vienna 2021 is setting the benchmark for the renowned wine tasting competitions in the world. The international competition featured 12.525 wines from 1.641 producers from 44 countries. List of award winning Turkish wines at Awc Vienna International Wine Challenge 2021

Gold Medal - Wine Competition
Silver Medal - Wine Competition
Bronze Medal - Wine Competition

Turkish Wine Types

There are numerous noble red and white wines produced in Turkey. We’ve created an Online Wine Cellar in our website on which you can search for Turkish Wine Types such as: Red wine | White wine | Rose Wine | Sparkling Wine | Sweet Wine | Organic Wine | Fruit Wine, all are available in the cellar for your information. Please just find wines that you wish to see in our online store so we will inform you when the product is available. Find all Turkish wine types..

Wine producing provinces and wine regions of Turkey

The wine regions of Turkey are listed below. Anatolia played an important role in the history of wine, and it is thought to have been one of the world’s first wine-producing regions. Turkey is geographically located on the wine belt thanks to its suitable climatic conditions and soil character. The vineyards in Turkey cover an area of 1,000,000 ha (2,500,000 acres). Annual grape harvest in Turkey accounts for 3.6 million tonnes putting it on the 6th place in the world. However, only 2% of that amount is suitable for wine production. Major wine regions are Aegean, Marmara and Central Anatolia. Please check complete information about Turkish Wine Regions

The main Wine Regions of Turkey:

  • Aegean Wine Region
  • Marmara Wine Region
  • Mediterranean Wine Region
  • Mid-Northern Wine Region
  • Mid-Eastern Wine Region
  • Mid-Southern Wine Region
  • South-East Wine Region
Wine Regions of Turkey - Turkish Wine Regions

Why buy Turkish Wines?

Turkey is a big country, you can experience very different climate and soil characteristics from different locations in the same season. That is the primary reason why wines from different regions in Turkey taste so differently. In addition, Anatolia, today’s Turkey, has a long wine history. There are so many different grape varieties that never leave the farm. We have gathered a selection of Turkish wines in our store so that you can capture this unique taste.

Where to buy Turkish Wines?

Now as per your request, it is just one click away to Buy Turkish Wines Online. Best wine selection of Red, White & Rose just in our Online Wine Shop. Try Turkish Wine, which is full of new tastes for your mouth.

Turkish Red Wines

If you are looking for Turkish red wines with an excellent price-performance ratio, then this section of the online wine shop is for you with a very careful selection of Turkish Red Wines. Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, Kalecik Karası, Papaskarası to Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are all available for sale online at affordable prices. All come from small wineries that stand out for the attention they pay to the quality of their products. Pair them with red meat, game and cheese and you will not regret your choice of our online wine shop. Buy Turkish Red Wines Online

Turkish White Wines

Emir, Sultaniye, Misket and Yapıncak are some of local grapes used in Turkish White Wines which you can buy online. You will find them all at affordable prices with good discounts, exclusive or at the cellar price. Moreover, the search for the best value for money is the hallmark of our wine shop. Go with white meat, fish dishes or serve them as an aperitif. Try these white wines from our online wine shop. Buy Turkish White Wines Online

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We hope you found this article interesting and informative – and that you now feel a little more knowledgeable about Turkish wines. We’re always happy to talk about wine, so if you have any questions about our Turkish wines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.