Barburi is a red grape unique to the City of Antakya(Antioch) of Hatay in Turkey, since the ancient ages. Nowadays, its flora is very rare and growth areas are limited to mountain regions and isolated areas. In 2009 Hatay-based Antioche Winery brought the grape back from the brink of extinction. It remains the only winery in Turkey cultivating the grape.  Much like hunting for precious mushrooms, people in the region have long sought out wild vines of Barburi grapes to use in home wine or pekmez (molasses). However, as a lot of these traditions die out, the locations of these wild vines have been forgotten. In 2016 Antioche released its very first 100% Barburi wine. Barburi can be compaired to Piedmont’s Barbaresco. Like its Italian counterpart, Barburi is extremely food friendly and pairs beautifully with many of the local specialties including hot green peppers and tepsi kebab.