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Turkish Raki

 Raki is a must-try beverage which is traditional drink of Turkey. Unlike other spirits, it’s made from grapes, not grains. Find out more about the history and distinctive flavor of Turkish Raki. Turkish Raki is a premium, smooth drinking spirit with a rich, memorable flavor. Celebrate life with Turkish Raki!

Turkish Raki The Sprit of Istanbul

Turkish Raki (Rakı /rɑːˈki:) is a traditional sweetened, often anise-flavoured, alcoholic drink from Turkey. Raki is often served with seafood, Turkish Kebap or Meze. It is comparable to several other alcoholic beverages available around the Mediterranean and the Middle East, This Turkish alcoholic drink Rakı Taste is a bit different than Ouzo or Turkish ouzo.

Turkish Raki Traditional Alcoholic Drink of Turkey,Turkish RAKI Online Shop

How is the taste of Raki?

If your curious that What does raki taste like, we can described it as anise-flavoured & sweetened alcoholic beverage. It is similar to the Greek Ouzo, and Arabic Arak, but is less sweet and therefore tastes better. In Turkey it is common to call Raki as Lion’s milk (Aslan Sütü).

Anise is the major ingredient in raki that gives it its scent. Raki is diluted with water and ice to make it easier to drink. The selected brand has a considerable impact on the taste of raki, in addition to the mixing ratio with water. The raw materials utilized and the production play a role as well. It’s crucial to know what kind of raw material is used to make the suma for raki production; it could be grapes or other fruits, as well as sugar.

It is almost 60 million liters of rakı being drunk in Turkey each year, mostly with meals. (Where a European or North American will sip wine with a meal, most Turks will sip rakı.)

Turkish Raki Production in Recent Years

Turkish Raki-TURKISH RAKI-Anise Drink of Turkey
Turkish Raki Table

Turkish Raki (Rakı) was made exclusively by Tekel until a few years ago, the former Turkish government tobacco and spirits monopoly which produced the Yeni Rakı, Kulüp Rakı, Tekirdağ and Altınbaş brands.

Some rakı factories are located near İzmir to take advantage of its abundant, high-quality grapes, raisins, anise and sakız(mastic, pine gum), which is added to some brands.

In 2004 the monopoly ended with the opening of the commercial Elda company distillery, producing the premium Efe Rakı brand. This started the trend to more brands.

The major rakı-producing companies now include Beylerbeyi, Burgaz, Efe, Saki, Tarış and Mey as well as Elda. The former Tekel brands of Yeni Rakı, Kulüp Rakı, Tekirdağ Rakısı and Altınbaş Rakı are now produced by Mey.

What is Turkish Raki?

Turkish Raki (RAKI) is the national alcoholic drink of Turkey which is made of grapes distilled with some added sugar to make it sweeter. Rakı is clear brandy made from grapes and raisins, flavored with pungent anise. Most is quite potent (80- to 100-proof/40% to 50% alcohol) and thus usually diluted with water and sipped with snacks or meals.

It’s similar to Greek ouzo and French pastis.

When Raki mixed with ice and/or water for drinking, it turns milky white. Because of its color and hefty alcoholic punch, Turks call it lion’s milk (aslan sütü).

Turkish Raki Culture

Raki table is a part of Turkish Raki drinking culture must. Istanbul is an ancient port city where continents, cultures and empires have came into contact along the shores of the Bosphorus for more than two thousands years. Istanbul has a rich history of imbibing in which for 500 years Rakı is the most famous local drink. For more than 500 years Istanbul with this magnificent backdrop has nurtured a drinking culture known as the “Rakı Sofrası” in which Sofra refers to the table at which Rakı is drunk, meze are eaten but life is celebrated.

What is Raki Table?

First the glasses are filled to a third with rakı which is transparent in its pure form then we see the magical transformation of rakı as water is added the glass turns from clear to milky white and the perfume of anice fills the air.
Out-of-town visitors unfamiliar with the rakı sofrası are introduced to these rituals by friends in this warm environment. Friends serve each other from these communal plates and fill each other’s glasses as the meal slowly steeps as they say in Turkish, this is the spirit of sharing that is part and parcel to the rakı table. 

The bond of friendship between father and son starts with adulthood, father and son sharing a glass of raki can loosen up and talk in a way that at the kitchen table wouldn’t be possible.

Taste & Culture Turkish RAKI_ Turkish Raki Online Shop

Also used to express love and affection the Turkish term “Muhabbet” is reserved for that special intimate conversation it takes place when the Rakı table is in full swing but words usually fail to express emotions very well so let’s say muhabbet is that fairy dust that sprinkled throughout the experience rakı is what brings. Rakı culture is not something of the mind, it is of the heart to live it is to know it and once that muhabbet starts flowing you’ll know Rakı culture and you’ll never want anything else…

How to Clink Raki Glass?

Raki Glasses are clinked equally at the raki table; care must be taken; there is decency and respect in this. People usually try to show their respect by keeping the Raki Glass lower. However, keeping it lower has nothing to do with respect; it is simply a thought that has settled in people’s minds over time. The Raki table is a place where sadness, pain, joy, in short, intense emotions are felt, and Raki glasses should not be constantly clinked. Being bumped into all the time is disrespectful to the table.

How to Clink Raki Glass​
How to Clink Raki Glass​
Aydın Boysan; How To Drink Turkish Raki?
Aydın Boysan; How To Drink Turkish Raki?

How to drink Turkish Raki?

From transparent, rakı turns white when mixed with water. First add rakı, then water slowly and continue by adding a couple of ice cubes. Water that is added to rakı should be limeless, soft, chlorine free and natural spring water, if possible. For the ideal taste, glass, rakı and water should be cooled to 8C-10C. Traditional drinking style is to add equal amounts of water and rakı. It’s important to consume slowly, with mezzes in a warm and vibrant environment. Taste of Turkish Raki is Awsome!!!

Turkish Raki Near Me

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