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Type: Fruit Wine
Denomination of Origin: Marmaris – Köyceğiz / Aegean Region
Fruit Varieties: Pomegranate
Alcohol content: 
Ideal Service: 10°C
Bottle content: 25cl, 75 cl

Kutman Nar – Pomegranate Fruit Wine

Kutman Nar – Pomegranate Fruit Wine is made by the fermentation of the juice that is squeezed from fully matured sour Hijaz pomegranates from Köyceğiz orchards.

Ideal Food Match

Kutman Nar – Pomegranate Fruit Wine is recommended to be served at 10°C and it is recommend to drink as an aperitif with fruit platters or desserts.

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Kutman Winery

Kutman Winery-Turkish Wines


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