Kavaklidere Wines

Denomination of Origin: Central Anatolia – Ankara, Kalecik
Grape Varieties: Kalecik Karası
Viticulture: 15-18 years old vines
Winemaking: 5 days of maceration in stainless steel tanks
Maturation: Maturated in stainless steel tanks
Service: 15-17 °C
Production: 160.000 bottle

Kavaklıdere Ancyra – Kalecik Karası

Kavaklıdere Ancyra – Kalecik Karası Red Wine produced from the grapes grown in Kalecik and Kırşehir Vineyards in Central Anatolia, is a well balanced and smooth wine with elegant tannins and persistent flower and red fruit flavors.

Ancyra owes its name to the terroir where our history has began, to capital city of Anatolia, “Ankara”. Meaning anchor in latin, Ancyra has been symbolizing the city Ankara, established by Phrygian King Midas in history.

Tasting Notes

Color: Bright and light red
Nose: Pronounced with red and white fruit aromas such as pomegranate and pear
Palate: Delicious with intense fruit flavors, well balanced, round with soft tannins


Alcohol T.Acidity pH
14.4 % (V/V) 3 g/l (Sulphiric acid) 3.78
V.Acidity SO2(T) | SO2(F) R.Sugar
0.37 g/l (Sulphiric acid) 82 mg/l |  23 mg/l 2.6 g/l

Ideal Food Match

Kavaklıdere Ancyra Kalecik Karası Red Wine is recommended to be served at 15-17°C and matches perfectly with lightly sauced pizzas, pastas, red meat dishes and fresh cheeses.

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Kavaklıdere Wines

Kavaklıdere Wines founded in 1929 in Ankara is a family-owned company of 4 generations. The company owns 645 hectares of vineyards in seven different wine-producing area of Anatolia. The headquater and the main winery is located in Ankara, but Kavaklıdere owns also “Château style” producing winery such as Côtes d’Avanos, in Cappadocia and Pendore, in Aegea. (Read More)
Kavaklidere Wines


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