Doluca Wines

Grape: Calkarasi, Grenache
Region: Aegean, Saroz
Aging: 2-3 years following the vintage date under ideal storage conditions.
Service: Temperature 6-8 °C

Doluca Rosaline Sparkling

Doluca Rosaline Sparkling Wine is made of Grenache grapes, which are grown in our vineyards in Saroz region and Çalkarasi grapes, which are grown in Çal area in Denizli. This wine make you feel the easy drink pleasure on your palate which is expected from rose sparkling wines. As a result of cold maceration and fermentation processes in production, it has refreshing, smooth and fruity structure.

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Doluca Wines

Doluca Winery started its business activities in a period when the Republic of Turkey was established, Doluca is one of the oldest and long established companies of Turkey. Being in the service of wine lovers for over 90 years, Doluca converts high quality grapes into delicious wines without sacrificing principles and high quality production concept. (Read More)
Doluca Wines


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