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Paşaeli Wines- Turkish Winery


 18,60  16,43 / L

 18,60  16,43 / L

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Contains: 4,50 L

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 18,60  16,43 / L

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Best Of Paşaeli White Wine Tasting Set Of 6

  • Paşaeli Sıdalan White Wine is produced from Sıdalan grapes which is an indigenous variety native to north Kaz Dağları in north Aegean, close to the site of ancient Troy. Sıdalan is picked from a single vineyard at an elevation of 300 meters. The grapes were pressed with whole clusters. Made 100% in stainless-steel tanks, then aged on lees for 3 months. Pale and gently herbal and chalky/dusty on the nose, rather Chablis-like, with a slight woody note (not oaky). On the palate there is a little more obvious fruit, melon and pear, and the freshness is enhanced by the leesy texture and the slight friction that gives. Subtle and textured. Long even though it does not have a particularly intense flavor. (Julia Harding)


  • Paşaeli ‘Blanc de Noirs’ Çalkarası White Wine is produced from Çalkarası grape variety which is native to Çal – Denizli and grown in a single vineyard at an altitude of 950 meters. The grapes were pressed as whole bunch and only the initial juice is taken. It is fermented in stainless steel tank at 18°C. It was kept in a stainless-steel tank for 3 months on its fine lees and stirred once a week to add complexity to the wine. Pale white with a hint of blush in color; very delicate notes of strawberries, and raspberries together with orange blossom and stony minerality on the nose. The fruit intensity carries over onto the palate with firm minerality and persistence, chewy finish.


  • Paşaeli Meşeli Yapıncak white wine is produced using local Yapıncak raisins from a single 30-year-old vineyard in Yayaköy. Cool, rainy winters and hot summers are characteristic of the climate, with an average temperature of 28°C and 24°C in August and September respectively. The soil is a mix of gravel and sand with good drainage. The vines are led in the lead and conventional cultivation methods are applied. The raisins were pressed in whole bunches. It is partially fermented in stainless steel vats and partially in 225-litre French oak barrels at 18°C, then aged on the lees for 5 months. Both parts were kept on their fine lees for 3 months and stirred once a week to add complexity to the wine.

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Paşaeli Wines - Online Wine Shop

Paşaeli Wines

Paşaeli Wines built a boutique winery in Kemalpaşa near the port city of Izmir in the western part of Turkey. Total production is currently around 150.000 bottles a year. Also, they have four vineyards of 15 hectares, one near the city of İzmir (close to the village of Kaynaklar), two more near the city of Tekirdağ and one more near the city of Çanakkale. Kaynaklar and Hoşköy vineyards were planted by them but Şarköy vineyard has 50 years “old vines” of Yapıncak variety and Gedik vineyard has 35 years “old vines” of Karasakız variety. Hand harvest indigenous grape varieties were planted in the Aegean region, such as Sultaniye, Yapıncak, Çalkarası, and Karasakız, and Bordeaux varieties were planted near İzmir. Paşaeli wines are one of the most popular wines from Turkey.
Paşaeli Wines- Turkish Winery


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