Yakamoz Rakı

Type: Raki
Aging: 90 Days
Distillation: Triple Distilled
Ideal Service: 8-10°C
Alcohol Level: 45% vol.
Bottle Size: 500 ml
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Yakamoz Raki

What sets Yakamoz Raki apart from other brands is the two and a half years the Yakamoz team spent researching the perfect combination of grapes, aniseed, alcohol and water. Yakamoz Rakı is the fruit of all this research. It surpasses all the ordinary brands on the market. It takes 26kg of seedless dried sultanas to make 1 litre of Yakamoz Raki. The suma created by this process is then triple distilled in copper vessels. After that, the rakı is allowed to rest for three months. Only 2.5kg of grapes make up a litre of ordinary rakı, and even premium brands use only 7.5kg of grapes per litre. Yakamoz Rakı contains no more than 8g of sugar per litre. Other brands contain between 14 and 16 grams of sugar per litre. Another unique characteristic of Yakamoz Rakı is that it contains almost no methanol and anethole at all. This helps avoid undesirable side effects the day after enjoying a glass of Yakamoz Raki. The combination of all these factors lend Yakamoz Raki the indulgent, refined flavour that sets it apart from all other brands of Raki.

Yakamoz Rakı’s roots lie in the warm Mediterranean

Yakamoz Raki is triple distilled to create a full-bodied and intense flavour. The magic of a recipe three centuries old imparts a timeless experience. This clear aniseed brandy is the traditional accompaniment to a meal of Turkish delicacies with good company.

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Yakamoz Rakı

Yakamoz Rakı


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