Kutman Winery-Turkish Wines

Type: Red Wine
Denomination of Origin: Mürefte, Şarköy / Marmara Region
Grape Varieties: Merlot
Alcohol content: 
Ideal Service: 16-18°C
Bottle content: 75 cl

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Kutman Reserve Merlot

Kutman Reserve Merlot Red Wine is aged in Oak Barrels 8 to 12 months until it reaches the perfect balance. This Wine has rich and complex flavors and easy to drink.  Merlot has a balanced character, blended with ripe black cherries, baked sweet spices, advanced plum aromas and has a vanilla and cocoa finish. Kutman reserve merlot is an easy-drinking, round character wine that has developed full-bodied aromas.

Ideal Food Match

Kutman Reserve Merlot Red Wine is recommended to be served at 16-18°C and matches perfectly with grilled chicken and vegetables., Charcuterie, melted mozzarella and parmesan cheese and tomato sauce pasta or pizza.

Kutman Reserve Series

Kutman Reserve Wines are prepared for every taste. There are four red, two white and one rose wines in this series. Young and lively wines stand out with their aromatic taste. Reds have high tannins and whites have high acidity. The common feature of the products in this group is that, in addition to being young and aromatic wines, they have medium/high tannin ratio in reds and high acidity in whites. The Reserve series consists of easy-drinking wines that can accompany many dishes.

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Kutman Winery

Kutman Winery-Turkish Wines


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