Decanter World Wine Awards 2022​-Best Turkish Wines to drink in 2022

Decanter World Wine Awards 2022

Following a record-breaking year in 2021 for total wines tasted, the record was broken again this year with 18,244 wines judged from 54 countries. Almost 250 international wine experts, including 41 Masters of Wine and 13 Master Sommeliers, awarded 50 Best in Show, 164 Platinum, 677 Gold, 5,900 Silver, and 8,074 Bronze medals over the course of two weeks.

Decanter World Wine Awards 2022 Announcement took place on 7th June 2022.  Many Turkish wine brands were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the participants of this competition. For more information please visit the official website of “Decanter World Wine Awards”

Gold Medal Awards

Wine name
Perdix Boğazkere 95 Aegean Coast Region Urla 2017 Red
Kavaklidere Côtes d’Avanos Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature 95 Central Anatolia Not Applicable 2017 White

Silver Medal Awards

Wine name
Perdi̇x Boğazkere 91 Aegean Coast Region Urla 2019 Red
Perdix Bornova Mi̇sketi̇ 90 Aegean Coast Region Urla 2021 White
Asmadan Bağban Gamay 91 Thrace-Marmara Not Applicable 2020 Red
Urla Sarapcilik Urla Nero D’avola-Urla Karasi 92 Aegean Coast Region Urla 2020 Red
Suvla Sır 90 Thrace-Marmara Not Applicable 2019 Red
Prodom Reserve 90 Aegean Coast Region Denizli Guney 2017 Red
Suvla Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 90 Thrace-Marmara Not Applicable 2018 Red
Suvla Reserve Syrah 90 Thrace-Marmara Not Applicable 2019 Red
Suvla Sauvignon Blanc 91 Thrace-Marmara Not Applicable 2021 White
Suvla Reserve Karasakız 91 Thrace-Marmara Not Applicable 2019 Red
Suvla Karasakız Blush 90 Thrace-Marmara Not Applicable 2021 Rosé
Kavaklidere Côtes D’avanos Tempranillo 90 Central Anatolia Kapadokya 2020 Red
Kavaklidere 1929 Cabernet Franc 90 Aegean Coast Region Denizli Guney 2019 Red
Kavaklidere Emir 90 Central Anatolia Kapadokya 2021 White

Bronze Medal Awards

Wine name
PerdixCabernet Franc-Peti̇t Verdot87Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2020Red
Chateau MurouRezerv Cabernet Sauvignon88Thrace-MarmaraKirklareli2016Red
Chateau MurouRezerv Montepulciano-Sangiovese86Thrace-MarmaraKirklareli2017Red
VinolusKalecik Karası86Central AnatoliaKapadokya2020Red
AsmadanBağban Karasakız87Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2020Red
Asmadan Tarım Urunleri Ve Bagcılık San Ve TicKor Reserve Öküzgözü Boğazkere88Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2020Red
Urla SarapcılıkSerendias88Aegean Coast RegionUrla2021Rosé
Urla SarapcilikTempus87Aegean Coast RegionUrla2020Red
PamukkaleAnfora Series Blend87Aegean Coast RegionDenizli Guney2021Red
PamukkaleAnfora Cabernet Sauvignon88Aegean Coast RegionDenizli Guney2021Red
PamukkaleAnfora Merlot86Aegean Coast RegionDenizli Guney2021Red
PamukkaleAnfora Chardonnay87Aegean Coast RegionDenizli Guney2021White
PamukkaleArti Sauvignon Blanc86Aegean Coast RegionDenizli Guney2021White
Pamukkale SarapcilikNodus Shiraz86Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2020Red
PamukkaleNodus Cabernet Sauvignon86Aegean Coast RegionDenizli Guney2020Red
Lucien Arkas BaglariMeandros86Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2019Red
ProdomReserve88Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2018Red
AydinProdom88Aegean Coast RegionDenizli Guney2021Rosé
Selendi WinesCabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Shiraz-Cabernet Franc87Aegean Coast RegionAkhisar2020Red
Selendi WinesSarniç Cabernet Franc88Aegean Coast RegionAkhisar2020Red
Suvla WinesSur86Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2019Red
Suvla WinesKirte Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah-Malbec88Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2019Red
SuvlaReserve Petit Verdot-Karasakız87Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2018Red
SuvlaReserve Roussanne-Marsanne88Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2020White
SuvlaBarrel Aged Öküzgözü87Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2020Red
SuvlaKarasakız88Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2020Red
SuvlaMalbec89Thrace-MarmaraNot Applicable2020Red
Argos BağcılıkNahita Syrah86Mid-Eastern AnatoliaNot Applicable2020Red
KavaklidereEgeo Syrah86Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2019Red
KavaklidereSelection Narince-Emir87Central AnatoliaNot Applicable2019White
KavakliderePendore Château Serie Öküzgözü88Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2019Red
KavaklidereCôtes D’avanos Château Serie Narince88Central AnatoliaKapadokya2020White
KavaklidereEgeo Cabernet Sauvignon86Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2018Red
KavaklidereSelection Öküzgözü-Boğazkere88Mid-Eastern AnatoliaNot Applicable2019Red
KavaklidereEgeo Rose88Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2021Rosé
KavaklidereMisket86Central AnatoliaKapadokya2021White
KavakliderePendore Syrah87Aegean Coast RegionNot Applicable2019Red
Argos BagcılıkNahita Dokya86Mid-Eastern AnatoliaNot Applicable2020Red