Gara Guzu - Craft Beer - Turkish Beer

Gara Guzu Brewery

Gara Guzu BreweryCraft beer is freedom. It supports dreams, adds beauty to your life, as in Gara Guzu… Gara Guzu

Talay Winery & Vinyards

Talay Winery

Talay WineryHigh Quality Wines From Bozcaada Island Talay Wines & Vineyards Talay Winery was established in Bozcaada (Tenedos) in 1948 as

Paşaeli Boutique Winery

Paşaeli Boutique Winery

Paşaeli Boutique WineryHand Crafted Wines Grown with Passion & Love Paşaeli Boutique Winery Paşaeli Boutique Winery is a family owned

Lucien Arkas Vineyards and Wines

Lucien Arkas Vineyards

Lucien Arkas VineyardsEverything start with a dream… Lucien Arkas Wines & Vineyards Lucien Arkas Vineyards and winery is the largest


Antioche Vineyards

Antioche VineyardsBarburi grapes unique to the City of Antakya(Antioch) of Hatay in Turkey Antioche Winery & Vineyards Antioche Vineyards and

Diren Wines & Vinyards

Diren Wines

Diren Winescheers to happy moments Diren Wines Diren Wines provide wine lovers with a wide range of products such as

Urla Wines Vinyards

Urla Winery

Urla WinesWE ARE MAKıNG A TOAST FOR THE ANCIENT COUNTRY OF WINE!350 acres of vineyardAnnually approximately 200 thousand liters of

Kavaklıdere Wines

Kavaklıdere Wines

Kavaklıdere WinesHigh quality wines from Anatolia’s unique grape varieties 66 different winesThe first private sector wine producer in Turkey. Previous

Suvla Winery

Suvla Winery

Suvla VineyardTransformation of fruit into wine… the making of exquisite wine with the experienced hands of a winemakerthe earth, the

Doluca Wines

Doluca Wines

Doluca VineyardRich Anatolian Wine HeritageDoluca For 3 GenerationsWinemaking is a culture passed down from generation to generation, from glass to