Yapincak is an ancient, white grape grown in northwest Turkey that has an association with the Sea of Marmara. It produces light to medium bodied wines that are low in alcohol. Yapincak produces small berries, with amongst the thinnest skins of any vitus vinifera cultivar. Known for its aromatics and mineral-like characteristics on the palkate, Yapincak has been saved from extinction by Turkey’s dedicated winemakers. It is hard to grow, being vulnerable to poor fruit-set. Yields are low, even in perfect years. Yapincak matches well to fried fish, white-sauced pizza or flatbreads, and soft cheeses. In Turkey the traditional fare for Yapincak has always been bluefish, but overfishing has made this perfect wine and food match a rarity. Today you are more likely to see it served with fried sardines in Istanbul.