Sauvignon Gris

Sauvignon Gris is a pink-berried mutation of the Sauvignon Blanc grape. It most likely originated around Bordeaux, but has found itself quite at home in Chile. Sauvignon Gris is thinly scattered across other parts of the wine world, including Uruguay, New Zealand, the United States and Switzerland. Its popularity among growers was historically severely limited by its low yields; in France in 2009 there were (officially) only 463 hectares (1144 acres) of vines. However plantings may be on the increase, in the Loire, in Bordeaux to add body to Sauvignon Blanc, and elsewhere around the world. While the clone is not legally permitted in some Loire appellations – such as Sancerre – it is generally agreed that Sauvignon Gris vines are present in a good number of vineyards in such zones.