Gara Guzu Brewery-Turkish Craft Beer

Alk %9 Hacmen
IBU 30 SRM 35
Target, Perle
Pale Ale Malt, Wheat Malt, Munich Malt, CaraMunich T3, Carafa T2,  Carafa T3,  Carahell, Carabelge, Raw Oat, Wheat

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Gara Guzu Meşeli – Nitro Stout

Cask Mate Project – “Limited Special Edition” January-February 2020 – SOLD OUT.
Our joint project with Irish whiskey brand JAMESON… Stout beer, whose taste is enriched by adding roasted malts, orange peel, vanilla sticks and Muğla pine honey, was aged for 4 months in oak whiskey barrels from Ireland. gas was used.

It is the first domestic beer made in nitro-stout style, with 7856 bottles. The project will continue with the whiskey aging in the same oak whiskey barrels that will return to Ireland, with the release of the Jameson Stout Edition next year. Meşeli has created firsts and new sales techniques such as printing a name, identity number and signature in return, distributing one bottle in 3 hours, and adding pride and happiness to the Gara Guzu brand.

Gara Guzu Beer Remarks

Gara Guzu beers are not filtered and pasteurized. There may be sediment at the bottom, it is normal. It does not contain artificial ingredients such as artificial flavor, additive, chemical preservative, accelerator etc. The natural materials used are procured from local vendors in local markets in Muğla. The fact that the content is natural does not cause heaviness, fatigue or headache in the body, however, we recommend it to be consumed in moderation, in terms of health. Hops, which used generously, act as natural preservatives as well as the aromas they give, we recommend that they be consumed within 6 months and stored in a cool and dark place.

Since the gas rate is much less than other beers, it does not cause bloating in the body and can accompany the meals with pleasure. Serve with plenty of foam so that the excess gas can spread the aromas as it comes out. Always consume in a glass, in case of consumption from the bottle, only a bitter taste will remain in the mouth, as the nose will not be able to absorb the aromas. Consume at 6-10 C, as too cold will overwhelm the flavors.


Gara Guzu Brewery

Gara Guzu Brewery is Turkey's first microbrewery which started the National Craft Beer Revolution, Just brought out of the brewpubs and delivered to the Turkish consumers, opened the door to the craft beer culture in Turkey. As a boutique producer, it offered the first ale, saison, session ipa, nitro-stout, beetroot beer varieties to the Turkish market. Their manifesto includes non-use of preservatives, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, color and flavor data. For the qualified product, a limited amount of production is made in the small-scale facility with local employees. Natural and local materials are used in production.
Gara Guzu Brewery-Turkish Craft Beer

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