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Type: Red Wine
Denomination of Origin: Bozcaada (Tenedos Island) / Aegean
Grape Varieties:  Pinot Noir
Alcohol content:  14% vol.
Ideal Service: 16-18°C
Bottle content: 75 cl

Talay Pinot Noir

Talay Pinot Noir Red Wine produced from a thin-shelled and sensitive kind of grape, and requires as well following during its ripening. In the special climatic conditions of Bozcaada, we presented a unique interpretation of Pinot Noir with this grape and the wine that we produce. As a result, we had a wine that has medium acidity with soft tannins, containing red fruit aromas.

Ideal Food Match

Talay Pinot Noir Red Wine is recommended to be served at 16-18°C and matches perfectly with aromatic cheese and meat meals.


Talay Winery

Talay Winery & Vinyards

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