Kavaklidere Wines

Denomination of Origin: Tokat & Cappadocia / Central Anatolia
Grape Varieties: 50% Narince – 50% Emir
Altitude: 550 – 950 m
Geology of the Soil: Clay loam with gravels & Clay calcerous
Viticulture: Nar; 14 years old and Emir; 32 years old vineyard, goblet and double guyot, low yield
Harvest: Hand picking, mid and late September
Climate: Continental climate
Winemaking: Gravity flow system, slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks with low temperatures
Maturation: Maturation in French oak barrels for 9 months with “élevage sur lies” 20% matured in barrels
Service: 8-9°C
Production: 160.000

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Kavaklıdere Selection Narince – Emir

Kavaklıdere Selection Narince – Emir White Wine is first produced in honor of the 60th anniversary of Kavaklıdere Wines in 1988. It is a blend white wine which reveals the strong and rich character of the grape varieties “Narince” and “Emir” which are selected from the best vineyards of Tokat and Cappadocia, is vinified in a way respecting the characters. This elegant, crispy and structured wine is matured in French oak barrels for 9 months and has a potential to be aged further in bottle.

Tasting Notes

Color: Bright goldish yellow
Nose: Intense with white fruits and white flower aromas, citrus fruit notes
Palate: Creamy, well balanced, long with elegant and mineral notes


Alcohol T.Acidity pH
13.0% (V/V) 3.25 g/l (Sulphiric acid) 3.4
V.Acidity SO2(T) R.Sugar
0.24 g/l (Sulphiric acid) 104 mg/l 1.8 g/l

Ideal Food Match

Kavaklıdere Selection Narince Emir White Wine is recommended to be served at 8-9°C and matches perfectly with grilled and steamed fishes, sea food, pastas and hard cheeses.

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Kavaklıdere Şarapçılık

Kavaklidere Wines


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