Antioche Vinyards

Type: Dry Red Wine
Denomination of Origin: Antakya / Eastern Mediterranean
Grape Varieties:  Barburi
Alcohol content: 13.5% vol.
Storage Period: Aged in oak barrels for 6 months.
Ideal Service: 16-18°C
Bottle content: 75 cl

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Antioche Barburi

Quality Notes

Antioche Barburi Red Wine is made from one of the ancient local grapes of Anatolia ‘Barburi’ originated from Antakya / Hatay region. Barburi which has the strongest aromatic character among the red grapes attracts attention with its aging potential, it was produced for the first time as a single grape wine by Antioche Winery.

It is a full bodied, elegant and balanced wine. Barburi red wine has been aged in oak for 6 months.

Tasting Notes

Color: Deep Ruby
Nose: Red fruit in front, spice aromas and ripe black fruit behind
Palate: Blackberry, cherry, round tannins

Ideal Food Match

Antioche Barburi Red Wine is recommended to be served at 16-18°C and matches perfectly with red meat, pastas with meat and mushrooms, appetizers, pizza.

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Antioche Vinyards


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