Vinolus Wines

Vinolus Wines was founded by Miss Olus Molu in Central Anatolia near Cappadocia. The planting of Vinolus vineyards was completed in 2009 and received an organic agriculture certificate. The age of the vineyard ranges from 40 to 12 years. The production is carried out without using any kind of pesticides, using completely natural methods of struggle.

The regional Terroir is unique for growing wine grapes. The soil of the Cappadocia region is particularly suitable for wine grapes. Volcanic soil structure is calcareous, containing high pH, rich in minerals and poor in organic matter. Due to terrestrial climatic conditions, day and night temperature differences, low humidity and seasonal winds, grapes with very suitable aromas are grown.

Vinolus Wines is working meticulously to craft wines better than the year before. The philosophy is simple; respect the mother nature and touch every grape berry with love and affection. The story of Vinolus continues at an altitude of 1150 m.

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