Beylerbeyi Rakı

Denomination of Origin: Aegean Region
Flavor: Anise
Alcohol: 45%
Content: 200ml, 350ml, 700ml
Service: 7-8 °C


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Beylerbeyi Teragold Rakı

Beylerbeyi Teragold Rakı is produced by distilling suma (grape alcohol) 3 times with carefully selected anise seeds, first matured in clay pots (terra cotta) and then in oak barrels reaching its unique color and balanced taste.

In its production, agricultural ethyl alcohol and sugar are not used. Gluten Free.

What distinguishes Beylerbeyi Tera Gold Rakı from others?

  • Beylerbeyi Rakı is produced primarily from 100% grape suma. The grapes that will be the basis of Rakı are chosen from the highest quality grapes as if they are making wine.
  • Ethyl alcohol obtained from relatively cheap raw materials such as molasses, beetroot, potato, corn syrup is not added to reduce the cost. Only grapes, anise and water! Its a pure Raki
  • Suma, obtained from the distillation of Manisa region grapes, is distilled 3 more times with aniseed from the village of Kalınkoz in Denizli at an altitude of 1450 m.
  • According to the codex, distilling suma once with anise is sufficient, but Beylerbeyi sets its own standard here.
  • In each distillation carried out in copper retorts, only the middle part of the retort is removed and distilled again. The product in this region is the softest product. The term “belly raki” comes from here.
  • For any reason, sugar is not added to the Tera Gold Rakı before it is taken to rest for 30 days after the third distillation. (According to the codex, up to 10 grams per liter is allowed).

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Beylerbeyi Rakı

Beylerbeyi is a Turkish rakı that combines classic tastes with a modern presentation and an unrivalled flavour. Produced with the highest quality for the right occasion, the right place, and the right people, it is faithful to elegant traditions of the past, and carries them to the present. Beylerbeyi transforms the values of trust and honesty into a bottle that every rakı lover will relish.
Beylerbeyi Rakı


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